Our Process

Process is Everything

From idea conception to project delivery, DigiCoyote will walk you through every step of the process. We know how daunting a website redesign or software application project can seem, especially when our clients are tasked with it on top of their regular work load. DigiCoyote is sensitive to this; our project methodology ensures that our clients are at ease during the entire process.

We have developed standardized project procedures that are the backbone of each and every project. This standardization does not hinder the creativity of team members; rather it holds each team member accountable to certain coordination tasks and a level of excellence within project organization and client communication.

A fundamental step within our project management process is a detailed Discovery Phase. It is during this requirements analysis / needs assessment phase where we identify and define our clients’ exact needs and detail the business requirements associated with these needs. We do this through assessing company mission, vision, and business goals. We then develop measurable criteria to ensure that each deliverable meets those goals.

Each project is assigned a qualified DigiCoyote project manager (PM) that is dedicated to working closely with the client (and any project stakeholders): reporting at regular intervals, mitigating project risks and seamless managing changes. Before deliverables are handed off to our clients, we undertake a rigorous quality assurance testing cycle to ensure that the end result sustains the utmost integrity.

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