Support Services

More than just Design and Development

DigiCoyote isn’t solely a creative development and design team – we’re also your support and maintenance crew, dedicated to the best success of your business and its newest initiatives. We don’t just launch your new website or build your new software, and leave you to it – we also provide training to equip you and your team with the skills to maintain them. We’re here to see those projects through to completion and beyond, to ease the adjustment and the otherwise abrupt learning curve associated with the launch of any new tool. As your trusty pit crew, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure the sustainability and self-sufficiency of your latest upgrades:

  • Project Future Phase Roadmaps
  • Configuration and implementation
  • Hardware and software installation
  • Training and instruction for software and system implementation
  • User guide authoring
  • Adjustments and tweaks for improved operation in the workplace
  • Monitoring and fine-tuning of server and application performance
  • Customized service level agreements to suite your needs

Once we’ve completed any project, we create a support and sustainability plan with our client that relies on a coordinated effort to enable you to effectively hit the ground running. Our team offers an array of maintenance packages for purchase that we tailor to your every need. We do not believe in tossing you and your new products out of the nest – we provide exactly the pre- and post-flight support that you need.