Widgets & Gadgets

Widgets and What?

Is your company looking for new and effective ways of getting into the world of social networking? The answer could very well be Widgets. At times referred to as snippets, badges or gadgets, these simple programs can be deployed into other websites such as social networks or blogs. Widgets also have the capability to speak your message offline by giving your customers the ability to download Mac dashboard widgets or Vista and Windows 7 sidebar gadgets.

There are endless possibilities as to what these widgets might do – from games, to RSS news feeds, to even the merging of various web services. No matter what your vision may be, DigiCoyote can develop a widget what website users and owners can easily share through their social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or blogs. These tools can be employed to market your business, drive more traffic to your website, or just provide more inbound links to raise your search engine popularity score.

Our experienced team of consultants is ready to get your idea off the ground.