Microsoft SharePoint

Using collaborative software like Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful two-way solution: it connects your business teams across a web portal that enables easy collaboration, and allows those teams maximum flexibility in how and where they work. An aptly designed SharePoint system performs like a trusty umbrella, containing a company’s every online resource under a single infrastructure for optimal connection and communication. Every person working under this umbrella can then enjoy mutual access to these resources and remain up-to-date, engaged, and supported. DigiCoyote’s developers have a lot of experience with the benefits of SharePoint, and we want you to discover them too:

  • Cut maintenance costs by unifying platforms
  • Save time and effort in collaboration
  • Manage content from multiple locations and sources
  • Create customized business applications
  • Engage customers and clientele with interactive social network applications and information updates
  • Install search applications that quickly navigate the network
  • Rapidly receive and respond to business updates
  • Share ideas and expertise across a broad base of participants
  • Reduce search times: find the right information from the right sources
  • Keep content fresh with contributions from numerous sources and contributors
  • Include external resources for reference or promotion
  • Receive instantaneous notifications when projects are updated
  • Deliver prompt and accurate updates to other team members
  • Create websites aligned with company resources and direction
  • Expand language capabilities and cultural reach

Collaboration is the key to the most equitable and comprehensive projects, and we’re here to help you bring it together. SharePoint facilitates teamwork in ways you could never imagine – the outcome is greater than the sum of its individual parts.