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Our .NET programming expertise informs and empowers our development of sophisticated, error-free application. Our team consists of experienced programming experts, including Microsoft Certified Specialists, who are eager to develop, migrate, support and consult for your .NET needs. Our comprehensive solutions are scalable for any sized company and WILL enhance your business productivity.

Our Microsoft .Net services include:

  • custom software development;
  • stand alone or web-based application development;
  • .Net application migration and support;
  • web services based on .Net application development.

Why use .Net?
.Net is fully functional, extendible, and limitless in possibilities. We use .Net to give our programmers, information architects and business analysts full sway to concentrate on your business needs and increase your business efficiencies, rather than getting wrapped up in technical complexities. We know .Net is a reliable and multi-faceted solution – and more importantly, we know how to make it your solution.

Microsoft Technologies Used:



J2EE is the platform of choice for enterprise application development. Structure and functionality are at the core of each and every enterprise-level Java/J2EE development initiative. Our Java experts use the modular, component architecture of the J2EE technology, and can easily integrate other programming languages to augment your customized solution.

Our Java/J2EE services include:

  • custom software development;
  • web application development;
  • application migration to Java/J2EE;
  • migration of application servers.

Why use Java/J2EE?

  • Platform independence.
  • State management and persistence services increase coding efficiency.
  • Persistence services alleviate the need for coding with data access logic.
  • Persistence services decrease maintenance hassles.
  • Other languages, such as CORBA, JNI or JCA can be bridged into the solution through web services.

We develop solutions that use the services available from Java application servers in the most efficient manner. These services include the J2EE framework, including Struts, Servlets & Java Server Pages (JSPs), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), Java’s Messaging Services and JDBC.

Java Technologies Used:
J2EE, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), JSP, J2ME, Core Java, Swing, Java Server Faces (JSF), JDBC (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgeSQL, SQL server)


Open Source

Open Source software is changing the face of IT by connecting their developers directly with one another, which is why it’s the most highly used software in the history of IT. Open Source technology enables everyone to see, change, and create source code. Because of this, the applications can be continually improved in the areas of security, reliability and performance.

DigiCoyote’s skilled Open Source team evaluates and delivers a wide selection of Open Source technology based projects. We have a range of credentials and experience in deploying both specialized and developed solutions on many Open Source technology platforms. These include Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Python. Our efficient and professional team helps clients identify their needs, and then researches and implements the most appropriate Open Source technology platform that best fulfils those needs.

Why Open Source?
As Open Source applications help your business streamline the development process, they also offer many additional benefits. More specifically, Open Source technology can enhance your business operations and grant several key advantages:

  1. It keeps the cost of ownership down, as there are no license or maintenance charges.
  2. It offers flexibility that is unbeaten by other platforms. The source code can be changed by anyone to suit their specific requirements.
  3. It is secure and safe and not susceptible to viruses.
  4. It minimizes risk.
  5. It has a high level of functionality, with better standards of performance.

Open Source Technologies:
Php, MySql, Apache, Linux (Fedora, Redhat), Open Source, Python, Perl, CGI