Kiosk / Touchscreen Apps

The Next Step in Interaction

In a world of ubiquitous computing, where information processing is embedded more and more into everyday life, people have come to expect something more than one-way delivery. They’re looking for an interactive experience. The key to granting their wish is not in impressive techy gadgets, but in accurate and efficient exchange of information: two-way interaction at the user’s convenience.

That’s where your business can follow through with a cutting-edge touchscreen kiosk. By strategically placing one of these virtually limitless applications within a specific environment, you can cater to mutual needs by both giving and receiving vital information at the drop of a hat. Touchscreens like these are not only much more weather-hardy than their keyboard predecessors; they’re also less vulnerable to tampering, hacking, and theft. As the applications are infinitely customizable, they can be programmed in multiple languages and include alternatives for the visually- or hearing-impaired. In addition, many people find keyboards intimidating, and thus feel more comfortable with touchscreen operations. Needless to say, touchscreens exponentially extend the capacities of keypad systems and 2-dimensional signs.

The best part about touchscreen applications is that with the right expertise, they can be programmed to function in any environment and perform operations specific to your business. DigiCoyote’s development team can create exactly the high performance software you need, integrating manifold information processing into an application that is nevertheless extremely user-friendly. Our design capabilities are limited only by your imagination and business parameters! Common applications of touchscreen kiosks include

  • ATMs and financial transactions,
  • casino games and security,
  • restaurant and other service industry operations,
  • time clocks,
  • ticket vending,
  • training programs,
  • employee feedback,
  • and more.

Imagine how much better your operational efficiency would be if touchscreen kiosks like these could perform tasks otherwise required of employees! From such an investment, you’re sure to get every penny back, and more.