Intranets and Extranets

Intranets, Extranets & Portals

Information is invaluable. Providing access to information is therefore essential to developing your competitive strengths. Today’s business environment has increased our needs for a robust information management systems that facilitate stakeholder access to information from anywhere around the world. Regardless of your organization’s size, providing your team members with 24–7 access to documents and applications will increase your productivity as well as your competitive advantage.

DigiCoyote’s intranet/extranet and portal development services will help you modernize your workflow. Through database development, interface design, messaging solutions and content/ document organization, we can help you open communication lines and centralize data management. If you would like to integrate your sales leads and product details into one central system or if your requirements are to share private documents with specific vendors and sales staff away from the office, we can deploy a customized intranet or extranet solution that best suits your needs.

When we design and deploy an intranet, extranet or portal solution, we make sure to implement the latest encryption technology to ensure data security. We utilize SSL technology together with various access levels so sensitive information remains secure.  Due to the fact that we create these systems from the bottom up, we can be sure that your deployment will meet your unique business needs.

Moreover, we can help you integrate the design of your intranet, extranet  or portal with the design of your website; thereby creating brand consistency. If you do not have a website or, are considering a website re-design you can save time and money by streamlining commonalities and the development of both.

Have a specific technology in mind? Let us know which environment you would like to work in and we will put together the right team for the job.

Technologies Used:

Microsoft SharePoint, Google Sites, Hyper Office, Box.Net, Atlassian Confluence

Help us put you into the technology that’s right for you.