On-Site Consulting

Person to Person

Your business, big or small, is a place of productivity and growth. In today’s highly competitive and quickly advancing information technology (IT) market, skilled and knowledgeable staff is a must if you want to support that growth. That’s why DigiCoyote offers on-site technical resources for:

  • on-site training
  • on-site product installation
  • on-site staffing for all of your in-house workplace needs

Whether you need a temporary placement to cover staff vacations or leaves, build and develop projects, support an increased demand, or support a long-term productivity boost, we’ve got a technical team that can fit the bill. We strive to enable your business in its every task with improved information technology (IT) and staffing, not complicate your work with foreign gadgets.


Experienced Resources

Our method of project-based consultation is founded soundly on our in-depth IT expertise. We can solve any IT implementation problems you may have, drawing from a comprehensive toolkit of technical resources and skills. Before any staffing placement, we dedicate our attention to fully understanding your business and its orientation within the industry. From this knowledge we can identify your personnel requirements and find a perfect match. Once we’ve made a placement, we stay in regular contact with our consultant and your team to promote optimum performance right to the finish. That way, we can also foresee any other needs you might have, including

  • project team support
  • IT education
  • software adjustments
  • system configurations

We deliver the service and support you need to best equip your workplace and staff with the skills and knowledge to succeed and excel.