Mobile Apps

If You’re not Mobile, You’re not There.

The Importance of Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are the modern technologies that allow us to stay connected to the things that are important to us, wherever we go. They’re the tools we use to interact with environments both real and virtual, simultaneously. In this case, they’re the portals through which your customers can instantaneously access your business profile and services at any time or place. They eliminate the barriers of time and space that can otherwise limit business opportunities and operations, and extend your reach into a marketplace that is a constant – and mobile – buzz. They have transformed the way we do business by creating widespread accessibility and, in kind, enormous growth potential.

Having observed and experienced this empowering phenomenon, DigiCoyote has made it our business to remain at its forefront – and we do nothing in half-measures. We design high-functioning mobile applications that are defect-free, top quality, and tailored perfectly to your company model and brand. Our developers know how to build the tools that can open doors – and devices – to your business and effectively bring you closer to your target market. With this type of advantage, it’s never been easier for your customers to come to you.
How do we do it?


Our Process

Our streamlined development process consists of a few critical steps, each driven by your vision and business objectives. We keep you well in the loop at every stage to ensure we’re on target and authentic to your brand. At all times, our work is thorough, progressive, and client-centric.

  1. Orientation/Discovery – we begin by establishing a complete understanding of what you want your application to achieve. What need does it fulfil? How can it best serve your business? We study your target audience and compare the competition. We also discuss how to monetize the application and which platforms (Blackberry, Android, iPhone, etc.) to develop across.
  2. Project Assessment/Plan – together we assess the scope of the project and determine exactly what we’ll need in terms of resources, specifications, market insight, company information, etc. We review legal protocol, expected outcomes, production variables, and all other details involved in marketing the application.
  3. Development – our team builds and tests every element of the application, ensuring that it entirely satisfies the established criteria. We test it for operational reliability and efficiency, making adjustments as necessary. At this stage especially we maintain open channels of two-way feedback and recommendations.
  4. Completion – once perfected to your complete satisfaction, we launch and distribute the application using appropriate binaries and platforms. We provide ongoing support and troubleshooting to ensure the application’s success, offering results interpretation and welcoming feedback/questions.

No matter what type of business you operate, mobile technology can greatly enhance your performance and productivity. Through our state-of-the-art processes, your customers can be virtually transported to your storefront from anywhere in one single action. It’s that easy.